Australian Aboriginals affected by racial prejudice? What do we do?


“Since white people arrived in Australia it has always been difficult for them to understand Aboriginal culture. Ignorance led to many thousand Aboriginal people being killed by white settlers, and attempts were made to “breed out” their culture through assimilation.

Even today Aboriginal people do not feel understood by white Australian politics. They claim that many legislative acts reflect a white point of view where a least a dual view would be necessary. Some activists even speak of “genocide” still going on in Australia today.”

This is a article from I found it a good way to introduce my post. If you read it cardefully you will find out that it states how racial prejudice to the Aboriginals first happened, why it happened and it also states  probably the biggest problem that Aboriginals face nowadays in Australia.

I would like you guys to read why racism is caused:

  • Stereotypes 
  • Unfamilarity
  • Selfishness
  • Environmental factors

(If you guys want to know about thesepoints in detail visit The 4 Causes of Racism)

Now that we have the 4 reasons why rasicm is caused lets see how we can elminate racism.

First lets look at a quote from the Bahai Writings.

” Racism, one of the most baneful and persistent evils, is a major barrier to peace. Its practice perpetrates too outrageous a violation of the dignity of human beings to be countenanced under any pretext. Racism retards the unfoldment of the boundless potentialities of its victims, corrupts its perpetrators, and blights human progress. Recognition of the oneness of mankind, implemented by appropriate legal measures, must be universally upheld if this problem is to be overcome.”

 Basically, this quotes explains the severity of racism. It also says the affects of racism. See how important it is to eliminate racism.

Lets go back to how to eliminate the 4 points that cause racism.

  • Stereotypes 
  • Unfamilarity
  • Selfishness
  • Environmental factors


    Basically, we are all humans. It is scientifically proven that 99.9% of our genes are the same as every single person on earth. That means we are all one. If you don’t believe me please look it up on google. Thus, we should not stereotype. That is so because whoever we sterotype is technically stereotyping ourselves.



    Unfamilarity is caused because of lack of knowledge. Many people that are racist to the Australian Aboriginals because they do not know about them. Then, they start making about bad things up about the particular people. So if people knew about everyone and of course accepted it, racism would be less.



    Selfishness is one of the biggest problems. Humans are very selfish and will put other down for themselves. If individuals aren’t taught how to respect others, then the potential for the person to become racist is increased as well. This is why you will find that respectfull individuals usually arn’t racist.



    Because we have been brought up in different environments we all look different. Eg: skin colour, body shape, etc. For many people, seeing someone different to them is wrong therefore untrue thought are said which lead to racism.

    Think about these points. Try to eradicate these points and Australian Aboriginal prejudice as well as other prejudices will be eliminated.


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      its good

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      Nice. pretty cool.

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